Jun. 5th, 2011

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Hi guys

So I apparantly I still suck at posting, I am sorry guys I mean to but things tend to run away from me and then it's months and I haven't posted :(

I thought I'd post now to update you on what's going on with me. I'll start with work cos that's a major part of my life at the moment. Basically it sucks, there are more redundancies going to be made. I'm fairly confident I'm not one of them, nobody else knows my job (I've kinda made sure I'm very difficult to replace), but it does mean more work being piled on me. I'm now bringing work home with me at the weekends to catch up on what I haven't had time to do. This is on top of working nine and ten hour days during the week. So yeah, no free time for me \o/

My depression seems to have faded for now. I'm not sure how long it's gone for but I do know that I have two very special people to thank for chasing it away by giving me things to look forward to, [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin and [livejournal.com profile] elsewherewolf I love you two more than I can tell you.

Now on to more cheerful things. I may be posting a little fic evil pulled out of me, it's done I just need to read through and make sure it's ok. As soon as I get a second opinion I will post it here and then hide under a very large rock :D

For those of you who follow the porn I post, I haven't abandoned you. I am uploading them so I can post them, but they are taking forever. If I start uploading them when I get in of an evening, they are not done by the time I wanna go to sleep, so it's weekends only. I contacted my ISP about the speed and it's due to the exchange being to busy and the speeds out here being slower than a bloody tortoise.

I also want to change my userpic, I need a change, what shall I go with? Help me out here guys, I can't choose between them.

Has anyone been watching Game Of Thrones or Spartacus: Blood and Sand? How about Chicago Code? Game Of Thrones is brilliant, I love Sean Bean have ever since I was in my early teens. Blood and Sand? What can I say, gladiators mmmmmmm. Naked gladiators...and I'm talking full frontal.....guh. Naked gladiators wrestling....hallelujah. There's even some m/m sex \o/

I can't believe they've cancelled Chicago Code after the first season, I was really getting into it :(

Anyway enough rambling. How's my flist doing?


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