Nov. 23rd, 2011

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Yes I'm back and moaning again, sorry. I'm just a little miffed at something my sister said to me today. It's in their will that if, god forbid, anything happens to them that the children would go and stay with his sister. My sister informed me today that she wanted to get this changed now, apparantly they don't feel that his sister raises her child the way they would. They're not criticising her or anything just that there's different ideas involved, you know how it is. She then goes on to say that even though she doesn't want her sister in law raising them, she can't think of anyone else suitable. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have kids for a reason, that being I don't want them, but if anything happened and the girls were left without parents I would step up cos I love them. I kinda asked why I wasn't suitable, I know asking for trouble right? Anyway she said in a round about way that I couldn't look after myself how was I gonna raise two kids.

Now I know I still live with the olds, but thats largely due to the fact that Mum can't cope on her own with Dad. I've tried it, I moved out for nearly a year and Mum got really ill from the stress so I moved back. I could afford to move out if I got rid of my car etc which I would happily do if I could.

So the long and short of it is, I now feel like my little sister is treating me like a child, I'm not happy about it, it's made me cry and the more I think about it the worse I get. So yeah that's it, just needed to get it off my chest really, so if you've read this far sorry for unloading on ya.

In other news, the sponsored walk/run went well Saturday, thank you to everyone that sponsored me, we've raised nearly £4,000 in total with the raffle, auction was loads of fun and well worth the agony I've been in this week.

I hope all my lovely flist are doing well

*hugs each and every one of ya*


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