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So these have been going round and round in my head for ages and are starting to really bug me now. Sorry for the ramble, that would be why these are up for adoption and not being written by me. If they suck, please tell me and if some kind soul does decide to write one please please please let me know cos I sure as hell want to read it.

1. Azazel's blood has always affected Sam, even from a young age he knew he had feelings that were not brotherly for Dean. The fact that Dean always looked after Sam, made sure he had everything he needed, always gave in when Sam gave him those eyes turned Sam on like nothing else. Now, at fifteen, Sam's discovered his new ability to place thoughts in peoples heads, to bend them to his will. He couldn't be happier, now he can get Dean to do the one thing he never would for Sam and that's submit. Only thing standing in his way is John, he seems to know about Sam's feelings and never leaves Sam and Dean alone together. So Sam puts the suggestion in John's head that it's only right that Sam gets Dean in this way and that John wants to watch as Sam puts his big brother in his place, at least until Sam feels like sharing him.

I'm thinking ultra toppy!Sam and cock hungry!Dean. Face fucking, size!kink (both the fact that Sam's big enough to hold Dean down and the fact that he's hung), sounding, object insertion, voyeurism, dirty talk, dub con with Dean not wanting it in theory but in practice Dean loving every minute. Any other kink that you want to add.

2. Jared Padalecki’s an ex-military policeman, at 6ft 4, 250lbs with a 50inch chest he was damn good at his job. Now his mentor’s son is being framed for his murder and needs his help. Trouble is Jensen Ackles is a temptation Jared can do without. When he met Jensen 10 years ago, sparks flew, but he knew that the sixteen year old son of his commanding officer was off limits to 21 year old Captains. Jared’s always had a problem with being told he can’t have something though and Jensen made damn sure he got Jared alone and in the way of temptation on more than one occasion. Now Jared must clear Jensen’s name while battling his old feelings and an unseen enemy who seems to know more about Jared than they should.

OK, so I may have stolen some of Jared’s characteristics from Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher, who can blame me though, I challenge anyone reading one of his books not to imagine Jared as Reacher. He’s built like a brick shit house, has never lost a fight and is hot when he’s pissed.


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