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OMG, last night was fucking awesome, I'm still on a buzz from it :)

For anyone that doesn't know, [ profile] heartsonwings and I went to see Steve Carlson and Christian Kane in London last night. This was the first gig I'd been to ever, not just their first gig but the first gig. I loved it and I'm probably not gonna shut up about it for the next year or so :) I can't believe how close we were, or how close they came when they went up on stage, they went right by me *g*

The music was brilliant, they are so talented but I guess we all knew that anyway. What did surprise me, and I know it's probably me being silly, is how good Christian Kane looked in RL. I thought he wouldn't look as good as he did on TV cos of all they people that work to make them pretty for it. But seriously I thought he looked better than he does on Leverage, not possible I hear you say, but seriously he was hot. Not that Steve wasn't, there is no way I'd kick either of them out *g*, but for some reason I knew Steve would look as good as he did. I know my brain's wierd, this shit makes sense to me.

Oh btw, does anyone know if everyone was being asked for ID last night? He nearly gave me a heart attack when he asked me, I haven't needed it in years so I left it at home, for a split second I thought I wasn't getting in.

Anyway enough waffle, sorry I'm so overtired right now and still a little wired.

I only got a couple of good pics cos the camera I took is apparantly a load of crap, I got a couple of Chris and some of Steve (by some I mean I got one of his left side and then one of his right side). Have a look here if you're interested but I know for a fact others got better pictures than I did.


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