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Hi ya *waves*

I've returned from my trip overseas, I'm now back in civilisation and I'll never complain about my internet speed ever again. Having a whole week without an internet connection was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be, kinda felt like I'd lost a limb or something.

The holiday was not as bad as I thought it'd be but still not great, I'm glad I'm home and can go back to my nasty habits. I'm also glad I can catch up with you guys, I missed you lot *hugs ya*

So what have I missed, any juicy gossip? But whatever you do, don't spoil Leverage for me, I'm downloading it as I'm typing, should only take another three or four hours, not that I'm complaining.

You Guys

Jun. 19th, 2011 03:04 pm
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I love you guys, my flist is awesome :D

Thank you [ profile] lady_simoriah and [ profile] dont_hate_me01 for the lovely v-gifts :)

Thank you [ profile] jensen_is_love, [ profile] adorkable74 and [ profile] bad_peppermint for the wonderful messages, they meant a lot to me.

Thank you to [ profile] alienat for the beautiful end to a wonderful fic, Christmas and birthday pressie rolled into one. If you want to read it it's here, also for the very naughty gift voucher, so many things to spend it on but which to choose :)

Last but not least a massive thank you to [ profile] elsewherewolf and [ profile] eviltwin for the brilliant Puck/Jensen fic they wrote me, any Glee/SPN fans need to go and read it here, the extremely naughty gift voucher, the wonderfully yummy half naked men, the Ten Inch Heroes DVD and the lovely messages :)

I had a brilliant day, I spent the morning at an arts & crafts superstore which was like being in heaven, then spent the afternoon just doing stuff I wanted to do :D

I'm off on hols next Saturday, so if I suddenly disappear for a weeek that's why. The clever people that picked the cottage didn't check that it had wifi so I'm gonna be cut off for a whole week.....not too sure how I'll cope.

Anyway I love you guys

*hugs all of ya*


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