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Hi guys, sorry to vent here but if I don't get this out somewhere I'm going to explode.

Why is it parents say one thing and then do another.  Every weekend for as long as I can remember now there's always chores for me to do.  Don't get me wrong my parents are elderly and I don't mind doing my bit around here to help them out, but there's always something .... and not just a little something it's like last weekend it was clearing a room so it could be decorated.  Easy enough normally, but when both of them are hoarders and have everything out all over the place it takes two whole days!!

So far this weekend I've cleaned the bathroom, washed the carpet, done the laundry and gone with Mum to buy a new sofa cos she couldn't go on her own and I ended up sitting in a poxy traffic jam for 45 minutes when normally the shops only 20 minutes away.  *gasps for breath*

I know I'm whining and mean and ungrateful but I work like a dog all week (10 hour days if I'm lucky, when I'm only paid for seven and a half).  Is it being selfish to want just one day to myself without somebody somewhere wanting something from me?

Please if anyone's got anything that'll snap me out of this mood let me know.  By the way alcohol's not an option as I'm tea total *hangs head in shame*


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