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Hi guys *waves*

Sorry I've not been around much recently, things seem to be beating me at the moment. I promise I will try to post more often, even if it is just crap, and that I will try to comment on your posts as well.

I've been .... I want to say ill, but I don't know what I've had, since Christmas. First I had a stinking cold, which I'm kinda used to; then I had a stomach bug that was doing the rounds (that was fun!!), now I've got this stupid little cough that keeps me awake at nights and just wont go. Oops, I got side tracked, what I meant was that, due to my general lack of energy or the fact that RL is a bitch, I don't seem to have time to catch my breath. I seem to be charging from one emergency to another and never getting time to just collect myself.

....I've just realised that I've done it again, everytime I post I whinge, christ you guys must be sick of me.

OK happy thoughts ..... what do you think about online dating? My sister's trying to talk me into joining again. Last couple of times the only blokes I met were complete twats, so I'm a little skeptical. Should I go for it? Her point of view is that I haven't been on a date in years, she thinks is because of the bad experiences I've had in the past, that I can't be bothered with trying anymore, that I'm being lazy!!! She's also told me she wants cousins for a daughters, so her motives aren't completely selfless, she knows I'll feel guilty about it as her sister in law can't have anymore children.

OK, hit me with your opinions, should I do it. Also anything to cheer me up while I'm home sick would really help.

*hugs entire flist*


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